Wiesbadens' local hill

The Neroberg is one of the top excursion destinations in Hesse. The hill is 245 meters directly above the roofs of the city.

A trip to the Neroberg is best started with a ride on the Nerobergbahn. In addition to the climbing forest, the "Löwenterasse", the "Erlebnismulde", the "Nerobergtempel", the forest adventure path, the Russian church, the beer garden and the "Opelbad" are among the attractions of the Neroberg.

The Nerobergbahn

Wiesbaden's romantic landmark!

A special kind of driving experience is offered on the slopes of the Neroberg. If you don't want to walk to Wiesbaden's most beautiful viewpoint, there is a historical means of transport available: the Nerobergbahn, the second oldest wire rope and rack railway operated with water ballast in Europe.

Customers of the Nerobergbahn get a 10% discount in the climbing forest!

Beer Garden"Der Turm"

The beer garden "Der Turm" is only a few meters away from the climbing forest. Enjoy the view over Wiesbaden with a cold drink and a delicious meal!

The Improv Summer On The Neroberg!

Every evening is a world premiere in the  improvisation theater, a total of 15 shows, great new formats, well-known "classics", national and international guests of the improv scene and of course with the ensemble of FGKH. In short, the whole variety of improvised theater for the best audience in the world!

Entry at your own discretion, guide prices at around 6€.