Sicherheit wird bei uns

Safety is very important

Here you will find everything about rules and safety in the climbing forest.

Is that safe?

Yes! Compared to other outdoor sports, a visit to our climbing forest is actually very safe. We have been dealing with the topic of safety in high ropes courses for almost 20 years. With the Ropeglider all-round safety system, an extensive safety concept and certified safety trainers, we offer the highest level of safety.
Nevertheless, it remains an outdoor sport that is associated with risks. In the event of gross violations of the safety instructions and usage rules, injuries are possible.

Age restriction

Climbing is possible in the children's course from 4 years old. The course is between 1.2 and 1.7m high. 4 and 5 year olds can be supported by adults from the floor. One adult can supervise up to three children. For 6-7 year olds, one adult can look after up to 8 children.

Children aged 6 and over are allowed on the high courses, but must be accompanied by an adult. One adult can accompany and support up to 3 children aged 6-7 on the course. For 8-9 year olds, the accompanying person can also supervise from the floor (up to 6 children).

From the age of 10, children are allowed to climb the high courses alone, but a supervisor is still required on site in the climbing forest.

Children up to 12 years of age must be accompanied into the climbing forest by an adult.

Children aged 12 and over can also visit the climbing forest alone with their parents' consent (see below for the completed and signed "Acknowledgment of the Terms and Conditions" download).

Safety briefing

The climbing forest may only be entered after a safety briefing and the practice course has been completed. First, the equipment is put on and checked. You then climb the practice course under the supervision of the trainer.
If your last visit was not longer than three weeks ago (bonus card), you will receive a short introduction.

Are there safety trainers

The safety trainers will supervise you on the practice course. Up to four course trainers run around under the high courses and can be called if you have any questions or are unsure.

You can also book a personal trainer for your climbing time.

Climbing outfit

For climbing you need comfortable and insensitive clothing, like you would wear for hiking in the forest. To prevent injuries, you must remove jewelry and tie long hair into a braid. You should take off or stow away long ribbons or scarves.

You are welcome to bring your own helmet (including bicycle helmets).

Drinks and food
Drinks and food are allowed here. We always have cool drinks, ice cream, energy and chocolate bars for you.
Health restrictions
We advise people with health problems such as neck, back or heart problems not to climb. The same applies to pregnant women and people who have recently had surgery.
It's best to leave everything in the car, bus or at home that you don't need in the climbing forest. The lockers and storage options are limited. All things that you want to take with you to the course must be well stowed away.

Climbing is possible with us up to 100 kg.


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