School classes and daycare centers

Head, heart and hands are challenged in the climbing forest. Different climbing elements challenge the entire musculoskeletal system. Coordination and skill are required as well as strength and mobility. Of course, it also takes a bit of courage!
The all-round security system and certified trainer training ensure the necessary safety.

This is what the climbing forest offers school classes and daycare centers

The experience in nature, the confrontation with the height and the coordination and physical challenges in the climbing elements form the framework for an exciting and holistically demanding day. The climbing forest offers physical and psychological challenges - whereby the voluntary principle always applies: "Challenge by Choice".

With the consistent “rope glider” safety system, we offer the highest possible safety standard. The climbers attach themselves to the safety system on the ground and remain permanently secured.

Detailed instruction in safety technology and consistent monitoring of learning objectives on the practice course, as well as support from well-trained safety trainers, are part of our safety concept in the high ropes course, which has been constantly developed for over 15 years.

In groups of two or three, the students go through the course independently and learn how to deal with responsibility and safety. The level of challenges can be varied through the different levels of difficulty. In addition to fun, excitement and adventure, many participants experience their own individual limits.

School classes usually spend 3.5 hours in the climbing forest.


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